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The Michigan Horse Show Association (MHSA) is dedicated to fostering and promoting equestrian sports within the State of Michigan. With a commitment to excellence in horsemanship, the MHSA serves as a unifying body for equestrians of all ages, disciplines, horse type and skill levels.

Competitions & Events

MHSA is responsible for organizing a wide range of horse shows and equestrian competitions across various disciplines. The association orchestrates two yearly competitions, providing opportunities for riders to compete at different levels, from novice to advanced.


MHSA prides itself on advocating for the welfare and ethical treatment of horses. It ensures all events adhere to the highest standards of equine care and welfare.


Lastly, the MHSA plays a crucial role in building a vibrant equestrian community in Michigan. It offers a networking platform where members can connect, share experiences, and contribute to the growth of the sport. It also collaborates with other regional and national equestrian organizations, aligning its activities with broader initiatives within the equestrian sport.


Meet The Team

Roberta Bartlett



Anise Silvernail

Vice President

Andrea Miller


Jason Huffman


Members at large

Jule Juback, Jill Katon

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